Legal Videography

Videos are one of the most powerful tools available for making your case.  Our Certified Legal Video Specialists ensure that every detail and nuance of every testimony in a deposition is accurately captured.  We record using only HD video cameras and high-gain microphones to create videos of the highest quality.

Text-to-Video Synchronization

Capture the Jury’s attention.

Baker Realtime’s video-text synchronization allows you to view the testimony alongside the video.  The court reporter’s transcript is synchronized with the video to provide a powerful and persuasive tool that can be used for case preparation and trial presentation.  We produce digital video transcripts from MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 video files and the transcript’s ASCII text file (.txt).


We provide videoconference rooms worldwide, fully equipped to suit all of your needs, including broadcast-quality cameras and high-definition screens and phones.  Convenient and cost-effective, our videoconferencing technology allows parties to attend from anywhere in the world.  Ensure the highest quality audio and video for your next proceeding by scheduling your videoconference with Baker Realtime today.

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