Realtime Without Limits

Receive the live transcript feed (realtime) anywhere in the world via a web-base platform to your PC, iPad, tablet, or mobile device.  The Baker Stream offers your litigation team the flexibility of location, the most advanced litigation technology, and 24-hour support.

Video Streaming

Need an expert or an attorney in another state or even another country to attend a deposition?  With a Wi-Fi connection, multiple parties can participate remotely by video from their laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Secure Chat Rooms

A valuable feature of The Baker Stream is the secure chat room.  Chat and collaborate with your team members and experts anywhere in the world.

All-In-One, Web-Based
Litigation Event Platform

Receive the realtime feed and watch the witness live from anywhere in the world.

Baker Realtime Worldwide partners with LiveLitigation to bring you the most technologically-advanced all-in-one web-based litigation event platform.  Request a demonstration from the Baker Realtime Team today!

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