• High Quality, Professional Results

    “What separates Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting from the rest is the personal service.  Cornelia is a pleasure to work with and is accessible day or night should an emergency arise.  She surrounds herself with quality people to service your account and uses first-rate court reporters and videographers.  Scheduling and arranging depositions, even in connection with the most complex cases and regardless of location, is extremely easy.  Additionally, the quality of the work has always been top-notch and produced in a timely manner.”

    Mr. Ted G. Meadows – Principal

    Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.

  • Top-notch Service

    “Cornelia Baker and her team of court reporters and staff always go above and beyond to provide great customer service to clients.  I have worked with Cornelia and her staff at Baker Realtime Worldwide for many years.  Not only does Baker Realtime Worldwide provide a superb work product, every court reporter is warm and personable and a pleasure to work with.  Baker Realtime Worldwide is a well-run, dependable organization that produces quality service in an expedient manner.  I highly recommend the services of Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting.”

    Mr. James E. Williams – Shareholder

    Melton, Espy & Williams, P.C.

  • Helpful Attitude

    “I have known Cornelia and worked with her firm since 2007.  Baker Realtime Worldwide is the most professional service provider I have ever worked with.  Their technology, work product and helpful attitude are second to none.  Their court reporters and videographers are always there and set up when they should be and they have often covered depositions scheduled at the last minute.  Baker understands the demands placed on trial lawyers and they go above and beyond to make your day better, not more stressful.  I have had several out of state depositions where opposing counsel failed to secure a court reporter.  Cornelia had a reporter there within the hour.  You will never work with anyone nicer or more competent.  They really care about their reputations and their clients.”

    Mr. Russell Abney – Partner

    Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough

  • More Than Depositions

    “We had a case concerning controversial statements made during a public board meeting. There were a lot of people talking and some talking over each other. Tempers flared. But we provided the video to Baker Realtime on a Monday and had an accurate transcript on Wednesday that we could rely upon for a response.  The Baker Team is always there for us when we need them, that is why I highly recommend Baker Realtime.”

    Mr. Dennis R. Bailey – Shareholder

    Rushton, Stakely, Johnston & Garrett, P.A.

  • Best of the Best

    “Baker Realtime has the most attentive staff and offers all the necessary technology to develop your case for trial. I’ve used them for years, and even the big cases don’t phase them.”

    J. Lister Hubbard – Shareholder

    Capell & Howard, P.C.

  • Reliable and Accurate

    “Reliability, accuracy and personal service.  Those are the traits that I look for in a court reporter, and Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting delivers on all three.  I have worked with Cornelia Baker and her company for over a decade.  They are always available to cover a deposition regardless of the location.  I have found that Baker’s deposition transcripts are accurate and timely delivered. What sets Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting apart from most reporting services is the level of personal service.  Cornelia and her staff take a personal interest in their work, and they are very cordial to attorneys and witnesses.  It is always a pleasure when Baker Realtime Worldwide is the reporter for a deposition.”

    Mr. James N. Walter, Jr. – Shareholder

    Capell & Howard, P.C.

  • Two Steps Ahead in Technology

    “Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting is the most professional, efficient, and reliable court reporting service.  I have worked with Cornelia Baker and her team for over 20 years, and she is in a class of her own.  She has grown an excellent business of highly-skilled reporters and a wonderfully professional staff. Working with Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting is always a pleasure.  Regardless of the tension or complication of a case, the transcripts are perfect and returned immediately.  Additionally, Baker Realtime Worldwide stays two steps ahead in the technology world at all times and often is the source of my learning new and more efficient ways to practice law and better serve my clients.”

    Ms. Elizabeth B. Carter – Partner

    Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black, P.C.

  • Professionalism Worldwide

    “Our practice at Beasley Allen requires us to take depositions in places far and wide.  It does not matter if we are in our own office or on the backroads of Texas, we can rely upon Baker Realtime Worldwide Reporting & Video Services to assist us with either covering depositions or finding competent court reporters for us in other jurisdictions.  While this is an invaluable resource, the true nature of a great business is its professionalism, and the reporters at Baker Realtime are all top-notch people, respectful at all times, and perform excellent and timely work product that I rely upon.  I would highly recommend them for your court reporting needs.”

    Mr. Benjamin L. Locklar – Principal

    Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    “Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting & Video Services has been my ‘go to’ court reporters for years.  Cornelia, and her staff, have repeatedly and consistently done a fantastic job of providing court reporting services for me and my firm.  Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting is always responsive, offers outstanding service and is great to work with.  Their skills are superb and the turnaround is excellent, especially if you need expedited transcripts.  Cornelia’s company offers a full suite of reporting services, including transcription, videography, document management and trial presentation.”

    Mr. James R. (Spud) Seale, Partner

    Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black, P.C.

  • Reliable, Professional, Dependable

    “Baker Realtime and its court reporters are professional, reliable, and dependable.  They are available to help in nearly any situation.  Everyone is always polite and personable.  With Baker, you never worry if a reporter will be on time or if the transcript will be ready when you need it — no matter how large the job.  They are truly top notch!”

    Mr. J. Evans Bailey – Shareholder

    Rushton, Stakely, Johnston & Garrett, P.A.

  • Peace of Mind to Focus on Clients

    “Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting is absolutely one of the best reporting services I have ever used.  They are always dependable, timely and exceptionally professional.  Whether I need high-quality video depositions for trial, an expedited transcript, or even a last minute reporter, I can count on Cornelia and her team to come through.  In my busy litigation practice, using Baker Realtime Worldwide gives me peace of mind that the job will be done right, allowing me to focus on representing my clients.”

    Mr. David Dearing – Principal

    Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.

  • Personal Attention

    “I have worked with Baker Realtime Worldwide Reporting for over 15 years.  Baker provides high-quality service with personal attention.  If I have a need or a special request, I get a call from Cornelia Baker – I do not have to go through a network of people to get an answer.  When I schedule a deposition with Baker Realtime Worldwide, I never have to worry about the quality of work-product that I will receive.  This allows me to better serve my clients, and I can count on this level of service no matter where the case is pending because Baker Realtime Worldwide provides services nationwide. ”

    Mr. J.P. Sawyer – Principal

    Sawyer Law Firm LLC

  • Count on Baker Realtime

    “I just wanted to take a second and thank Taylor and the Baker Realtime Team for a great customer service experience yesterday.  He could hear how time sensitive my help request was and they were on top of it. It is really nice to have proactive people who help push things forward.  In a world where everyone needs 5-10 business days to do almost everything, it is refreshing to have people who understand urgency and are willing to roll up their sleeves and help.”

    Ms. Ashley Gholamhosseini – Attorney

    Bey & Associates

  • They Get It Right the First Time

    “I have relied upon Cornelia and her highly trained, professional staff for many years.  She is my first choice always for court reporting and video services.  Our incredibly busy trial calendar is quite demanding, and I know that I can depend on Cornelia and her team to get it right the first time.

    I count on Baker Realtime Worldwide for high quality, accurate products that I can turn around very quickly for trial presentation.  Their consistency and reliability coupled with great customer service is what makes them not only a leader in their field, but a dependable trial resource as well.”

    Ms. Kelly Allen – Litigation Technology

    Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.

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