Baker Realtime Worldwide offers a full suite of realtime services, letting you focus on what you do best.  Our reporters provide you with the technology and tools you need so that you can receive the information in an instant, allowing you immediate access to the testimony.

Expert Realtime Court Reporters

Our Certified Realtime Reporters’ expertise, work ethic, and attention to detail ensure an impeccable level of accuracy every time.  Experts in realtime technology, they’ll provide a live feed of the transcript right to your computer during testimony—whether you’re participating remotely or on site—and you’ll be able to leave the proceeding with a rough draft in hand, as well as a polished final copy upon completion.

Experience the Magic of Realtime Technology

With realtime technology, transcripts are at your fingertips—literally.  Easily highlight, annotate, and search keywords in the transcript during live testimony; assign issue codes to parts of the transcript for later review; and pause the realtime feed to review earlier testimony.  Others on your team can even watch the live text feed and communicate with team members—all with just a wireless connection.  Through our secure chatrooms, members of the litigation team can privately chat and collaborate.  We provide all of the necessary equipment (iPads and laptops), as well as tech support to make certain the technology runs smoothly, so you can focus on making your winning case.

Realtime - Anytime, Anywhere

From anywhere in the world, attorneys can view live testimony, securely chat back and forth off the record with their legal team and expert witnesses, analyze live witness video, question a witness via high quality videoconferencing, or electronically present, mark-up, and submit official exhibits via PC, Mac, Android, smartphone, and tablet.  Schedule today!

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