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by Taylor Boysen, Scheduling Coordinator

In an era defined by technological advancement, court reporters have maintained the gold standard for capturing the spoken word. Court reporters are indispensible to the legal system because they offer 21st Century solutions to unyielding situations that demand speed without sacrificing accuracy. Realtime is defined as the immediate translation of the reporter’s machine shorthand into English, with the English appearing instantly on the client’s screen.

Baker Realtime Worldwide Reporting offers the most technologically-advanced, all-in-one web-based realtime litigation event platform via PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone, and tablet. Whether at the deposition or anywhere in the world, our clients can view live testimony, message and strategize with their legal team and expert witnesses via a secured chatroom, analyze live witness video, question a witness via high quality videoconferencing, or electronically present and submit official exhibits.

Experts in realtime technology, our Certified Realtime Reporters provide you with a live feed of the transcript. Easily highlight, annotate, and search keywords in the transcript; assign issue codes to segments of the transcript for later review; and pause the realtime feed to review earlier testimony. Others on your team can even watch the live text feed and communicate with team members—all with just a wireless connection. And as an added benefit to our loyal clients, we provide all of the necessary equipment (iPads and laptops), as well as tech support to ensure that the technology runs smoothly, so you can focus on making your winning case.

Additionally, you’ll leave the proceeding with a rough draft of the transcript, and with our immediate copy service, you’ll receive a final certified copy by midnight on the same day. Now that’s Realtime!

Experience the Magic of Realtime. Schedule your next realtime deposition or trial proceeding online; call us at 888.253.DEPS; e-mail us at; or text us at 334.301.4559.

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Baker Realtime Worldwide Professional Spotlight

Greta Duckett is a Certified Realtime Court Reporter, specializing in realtime, realtime streaming, daily rough drafts, as well as immediate and daily copy. She graduated from Prince Institute in January of 1995 and has worked as both an official and freelance reporter. Greta is licensed in three states and holds the Registered Professional Reporter and Certified Realtime Reporter certificates from the National Court Reporters Association. She is a certified digitalcat software trainer. Greta is active in the National Court Reporters Association and sits as co-chair of the Realtime Systems Administrator Committee and on the Realtime Task Force.

Outside of reporting, Greta enjoys traveling, gardening, and cooking. Greta and her sister Carla have a hobby business making Las Hermanas hot sauce and pepper jelly, and they enjoy sharing their delicious jelly with friends.

Experience first-hand the magic of realtime technology and request Greta for your next proceeding.

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