Baker Realtime Worldwide Celebrates
2018 National Court Reporting & Captioning Week

“Whether called the scribes of yesterday or the court reporters and captioners of today, the individuals who preserve our nation’s history are truly guardians of the record,” proclaimed Alabama Governor Kay Ivey during Proclamation Hour, when recognizing this year’s National Court Reporting & Captioning Week at the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama.

We are pleased to announce that this week is being held as the sixth National Court Reporting & Captioning Week.  This time serves as a nationwide effort to highlight the contributions of stenographic court reporters and CART and broadcast captioners to society, and to showcase the growing career opportunities that exist in the court reporting and captioning fields.

Court reporters have had, and do have, a large impact on capturing history for posterity.  Captioners do wonderful work to help better the lives of millions of Americans who are hearing impaired by providing captioning in realtime for live sporting and theater events, church services, and many other venues.

Included below are some fun and interesting facts about the court reporting profession.

  • Capturing the record for proceedings dates back to the 4th Century B.C.
  • The ampersand (&) is one of the earliest forms of shorthand.
  • Court reporters and captioners use cutting-edge technology to bring the record accurately to text in realtime.
  • Approximately 5,500 court reporters will retire over the next several years, creating a steady demand for new professionals to enter the field.

Happy National Court Reporting & Captioning Week!


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