When you choose Baker Realtime Worldwide Court Reporting, you’ll have access to first-class deposition support services customized to your specific needs.  Here are just some of the deposition support services we offer:

Daily Copy and Rough Drafts

Baker Realtime’s rough draft service allows you to review an unedited draft of the day’s testimony shortly after the conclusion of the proceeding, and our daily copies are delivered the same day in the transcript’s final certified version.


With realtime technology, transcripts are at your fingertips – literally.  Easily highlight, annotate, and search keywords in the transcript during live testimony; assign issue codes to parts of the transcript for later review; and pause the realtime feed to review earlier testimony.  Others on your team can even watch the text of the deposition live and communicate with team members—all with just a wireless connection.  Through our secure chatrooms, members of the litigation team can privately chat with each other without anyone else seeing the text.  We provide all the equipment needed, and we also provide tech support to make certain the technology runs smoothly, so you can focus on the trial or deposition. Schedule your next realtime deposition with Baker Realtime Worldwide today!

Deposition File Formats

Because of the diverse needs of our clients, transcripts are offered in a variety of formats at Baker Realtime Worldwide.  To make for light travel, we also provide condensed copies of transcripts with a word index.  Reduce a 200-page transcript to 50 pages.  Along with a hard copy, Baker Realtime Worldwide offers transcripts as an ASCII text file, E-Transcript file, Min-U-Script, and a PDF file.  These files are searchable, printable, and are accessible 24/7 via our online Baker Realtime Worldwide Case Portal.

High-Tech Conference Centers

Whether you need a cozy meeting room or a large conference room, our facilities meet your every need.   With built-in features such as videoconferencing, high speed internet, and secure platforms for sending and receiving sensitive documents, our state-of-the-art multimedia conference centers are ready to handle any deposition.  To ensure a delightful experience, our expert technicians are there to help you set up everything you need and provide ongoing IT support throughout your deposition.  Wherever the deposition takes you, Baker Realtime Worldwide will provide the best conference rooms—worldwide.

Remote Depositions

Our team understands the demands of the 21st Century workplace.  That is why we provide the technology for your legal team to be involved in a deposition from anywhere in the world.  Secure remote depositions help to avoid expensive and time-consuming travel and other litigation costs, but with video streaming, videoconferencing, and realtime technology, your entire team can attend and collaborate during a deposition through their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices, no matter where they are.  Videos are made available in our secure online repository after the deposition, so they can be reviewed by co-counsel, clients or expert witnesses.  Plus, expert technicians are available at every location to facilitate set-up of equipment and internet connection.

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